For many couples in Texas who choose to end their marriage, the divorce process is extremely trying. However, although it may be difficult, it is still possible for the divorce process to go smoothly.

For example, a Texas woman and her husband talked about getting divorced for years, states the Houston Chronicle. After going through counseling, they made an agreement to postpone the split until after their daughters left for college. When the time came to start the process, the woman was suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of fear, despite years of knowing that the divorce was coming. However, the woman worked through these emotions and her and her husband divided their assets, signed the divorce papers and ended their marriage without difficulty.

Tips for a smooth divorce

Although it is not always this easy for many couples, there are several things divorcing spouses can do in order to make the process easier on themselves and their children, such as:

  • Being smart about finances. Spouses should make copies of any financial documents they can find and remember that liquid assets in addition to long-term funds, like pensions and IRAs, are both valuable in different ways.
  • Finding support in friends and family members. This can help divorcees work through feelings of resentment, loneliness and anger. Those in the middle of the divorce process may also want to consider joining a support group or talking to others who recently went through a similar situation.
  • Letting go of their ex-spouse. During divorce proceedings, couples should keep in mind that ending their marriage may be what’s best for each party’s happiness.

Additionally, divorcing spouses should remember that divorce can provide an opportunity for a fresh start. From getting a new haircut to starting a completely different career, divorce may a good time to inspire these changes.

A chance for greater happiness

In the midst of the divorce process, it can be easy for spouses to get overwhelmed or reconsider this decision. However, these difficult emotions will not last forever. According to a study performed at London’s Kingston University, women typically feel much happier for up to five years after the end of their marriages. Additionally, many of the women reported that they felt more content than they ever had in their life following this significant change.

The divorce process requires spouses to make a myriad of decisions about issues pertaining to child support, property division and custody. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, consult with an attorney who can help you understand what to expect during the process and provide guidance while making decisions.