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Child Support

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Are You Concerned About Child Support Payments?
At Law Offices of Lee Hernandez, we receive many calls requesting information about child support requirements. The Texas Supreme Court has determined that child support will be determined by a formula based on the income of the obligated parent. The general guidelines for percentage of income won’t change.

The non-custodial parent will pay 20 percent of net income for the first child and roughly five percent additional for each additional non-custodial child. What gets determined as net income and calculated as part of the formula, however, is where our Texas family law experience can make a difference.

“We represent you with integrity and keep your children’s interests first. The Texas Supreme Court has determined that child support is based on your children’s needs. We will ensure that your financial interests are protected by making sure the net income calculations are accurate and fair.” – Attorney Lee Hernandez

Our firm works with financial professionals and divorce settlement specialists throughout the state to help us determine the accurate and fair income calculations to present to the court. If you are concerned about child support calculations in your pending divorce, talk to us first. Attorney Lee Hernandez offers a quarter century of experience handling every aspect of Texas family law and divorce.

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From our offices in San Antonio, we represent clients in divorce and family law courts throughout Texas. Contact us to arrange a free consultation about your child support issues.

We have extensive experience handling divorce issues such as:

  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights, parenting time
  • Child support enforcement and collections
  • Child support modifications
  • Property settlements
  • Grandparent rights

Contact us to learn more about child support and what to expect as you head into your divorce or child custody case. Your lawyer’s experience will make an important difference.

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