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Welcome to The Law Offices of Lee Hernandez

i-civiltriallawWe rely on our 32 years of civil trial experience in providing efficient and cost-effective counsel to Texas businesses, accident victims and families. Although our focus is on litigation, we recognize the value of mediation as a tool to limit the expense of a trial. We will pursue the most appropriate course in your case, applying our negotiation and courtroom skills equally.

An accomplished corporate litigation, serious injury, and probate and estate planning attorney is standing by to offer you the individualized attention and thoroughly professional support you deserve day in and day out.

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The San Antonio Law Offices of Lee Hernandez provides sound legal and ethical advice and experienced representation to individuals and businesses throughout the state across a broad range of civil trial matters, including:

Business Formations and Operation

We can help you establish your new business entity including

  • Partnership Where you and at least on other person/entity join together to operate your new business venture. Some partnerships operate as Limited Liability Partnerships, (L.L.P)
  • Corporations Many people chose to operate under corporate form. There are various forms of corporations that can be used, including regular C corporations, Limited Liability Corporations (L.L.C) or sub S corporation. These forms of business can provide personal asset protection and may provide other tax benefits.
  • Sole Proprietorship This is where you are doing business under your own name. We can help you with complying with all laws related to the operations of your business, including filing assumed name certificates.
  • Business Litigation Support we can help you preserve your business rights whether you are being sued, or need to sue to protect your rights. We represent business throughout Texas.

We provide our services on an hourly basis or many chose to use our annual retainer as their option. We can conduct your annual corporate meetings and assist in maintaining all corporate records.

  • Business formation and incorporation, and breach of contract disputes involving small-business owners, contractors, partnerships, limited liability corporations and joint ventures
  • Personal injury lawsuits arising from car accidents (especially drunk driving accidents), dangerous premises, job injuries not covered by workers’ compensation or any other accident caused by another’s negligence
  • Employment law matters ranging from commercial leases to complex employment contracts, and nondisclosure or noncompetition contracts
  • Probate and estate issues, such as the litigation of will contests, as well as guardianships for minors and adults and the preparation of wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney

To schedule a free initial consultation with an effective civil litigator, contact us today. During your free consultation, you will be able to discuss your case directly with a knowledgeable attorney in an atmosphere of respect and complete confidentiality.

Civil trial cases are serious business, and we approach each situation with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

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