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Are you facing a divorce? If you are, you will be making a lot of decisions over the next several weeks and months. Getting realistic and accurate family law advice and representation is important.

The Law Offices of Lee Hernandez has been representing clients in Texas divorce cases for more than 32 years. We use that experience to ensure that you have the right advice to help you get the best possible settlement for your future.

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From our offices in San Antonio, we represent clients in communities throughout Texas and the United States. Contact us for a free consultation today.

“Our experience means that we can give you a realistic expectation of the outcome of your settlement negotiations or trial. You get accuracy and integrity, so you can make decisions based on the way we believe judges are likely to rule.” — Attorney Lee Hernandez

Why is your attorney’s experience important? Consider these factors in nearly every divorce case:

Property division: We know what Texas judges are likely to expect from a fair settlement. If a trial becomes necessary to fight for your financial interests, we have the experience and knowledge you will want on your side.

Custody: The law is clear about parenting time and custody. We use our experience and knowledge of Texas social service professionals to ensure that your children’s rights remain the top priority.

Visitation and parenting time : The courts expect a fair settlement for parenting time and visitation rights. We fight aggressively to ensure that the final parenting plan is equitable and makes a difference in your children’s lives.

Child support : Texas child support law is based on a formula that includes all of the income of the parent obligated to provide child support. We use our experience to help ensure the financial calculations are accurate and fair. A DNA test can establish paternity and ensure that you obtain support from the true father.

Spousal support: If alimony is an issue in your divorce, we will help ensure that your financial interests and rights are protected.

Domestic violence : Unfortunately, many people are charged with spousal abuse, whether true or false.

Deportation issues : If your divorce means that you face deportation, our firm’s experience in immigration law can make the difference in helping you stay in the United States legally. We can also help you with naturalization.

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