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Domestic Violence

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Texas, as with most states now, basically has a zero tolerance policy on any sort of spousal abuse or domestic violence. As we all know, the press has made hay with celebrities charged, and the issue is very much on the radar of police and prosecutors for ordinary people too. If someone calls the police, many types of behavior you might not think are a matter of criminal law can be a basis for a charge against you.

A broad category of people can make the charge or be the subject of a charge of domestic violence: married couples, ex-spouses, roommates, family members or people in a dating relationship.

A broad category of behaviors can result in more serious consequences than you might expect. Assault includes mere threats, if the victim believes them and you had the ability to carry them out. Stalking is taken seriously and is routinely and aggressively prosecuted.


Do not be surprised, if you are in the process of divorce, for the most minor incident to become a charge against you. Child custody determinations among other decisions by the court will be affected by such allegations. And any subsequent charge of assault or violence will take into account prior charges or sanctions against you.


Police will probably arrest someone even if they cannot determine that one party was the aggressor. An order for protection can bar you from your home and children, and could become permanent unless you effectively fight it.

Assault can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony. You could lose your right to carry or own a firearm. You could also face fines or jail time.

Domestic Abuse Lawyer

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