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It is a dream for many people to come to the United States, work and enjoy an American lifestyle. If you have achieved permanent resident status and obtained a green card, you may now be planning to apply for naturalization.

There may be dangers you are unaware of that could prevent your success, or even mean incarceration or deportation.

The application process, including form N-400, requires gathering information demonstrating your eligibility for naturalization. The authorities may perform a background check on you, and you should do a sort of background check on yourself: Make a thorough inventory of anything they might find. Together we will be ready to respond.

I will help you with the N-400 form, and complete it in order to avoid delays in the review process. I know how to answer questions regarding your whereabouts during the residency period, or any criminal activity in this country or elsewhere, for example. We will need to gather certain documentation as well.

The Test and Interview

You will eventually take a test, an interview, and an oath of citizenship. An experienced lawyer at your side can respond appropriately to any problems or gaps found in your application, or unresolved issues.

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Attorney Lee Hernandez has more than 32 years experience in a wide variety of inter-related practice areas such as family law, criminal defense, and immigration law.

The office is conveniently located approximately five minutes from the San Antonio International Airport. Mr. Hernandez handles and bills cases on an hourly basis, or a fixed-fee basis.

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