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Are you a woman seeking child support from your child’s father? Now that DNA tests can conclusively determine paternity, millions of children have financial support they would not otherwise have had. This support makes a crucial difference in all aspects of the child’s opportunities, be it for education, medical care, or social opportunities.

Kids need the love of a mother and a father. A man established to be the father is more likely to acknowledge it and provide emotional support as well as financial child support.

Whether you never married the father, or were married and are now separated or divorced, establishing paternity will benefit you and your child.

Texas DNA Test Lawyer

Are you a man seeking to establish that you are the father of a child? Knowing the truth may be very important to you, aside from obtaining rights to visitation with your child. If you are found to be the father, you will have child support obligations, but also have legal rights as the father, such as visitation or even child custody.

Are you seeking to establish that you are NOT the father of a child? Perhaps someone else should be paying child support. Again, whether you were once married to the mother or not, her assertion that you are the father may not be accurate. It is easy to establish one way or the other.

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