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In Texas, Parenting Time Is a Right Not Just a Privilege

In most divorce cases, parenting time and visitation rights are settled through mediation. Under Texas law, parenting time is highly valued and courts seek to provide such time for the benefit of the child, unless the non-custodial parent has visitation time eliminated or reduced.

If you are concerned about visitation rights and parenting time, talk to attorney Lee Hernandez. Our firm has been representing clients in Texas divorce and child custody cases since 1984. We have earned a reputation among family social service agencies, family court judges and legal professionals for our integrity and focus on what is best for the child.

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At the Law Offices of Lee Hernandez, you will have the benefit of an experienced litigation attorney on our side. We prepare every child custody and visitation case diligently and do everything we can to ensure that your side of the story is told. We understand that the best solutions in parenting time cases often come from negotiation outside the courtroom. We are dedicated to pursuing the course most likely to result in a positive outcome, and we are fully prepared to stand up for your rights at trial.

Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. We have extensive mediation and trial experience in all areas of child custody and parenting law, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Modification of visitation schedule
  • Termination of parental rights

A Note to Non-Custodial Parents

Many non-custodial parents don’t get treated fairly when it comes to finding meaningful time for parenting. The courts want to see a visitation schedule that gives you a meaningful amount of time with your children. We will work aggressively to make sure you won’t just be a weekend mom or dad.

Talk to an experienced lawyer today. Contact us to schedule a free consultation about your visitation rights. Our offices are in San Antonio and we represent clients throughout Texas.

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